San Luis Obispo is located on the central edge of California roughly between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It's land offers a diverse climate of sea, open ranges, rolling mountains and collections of eco systems county wide. It's first native inhabitants were originally the Chumash Indians and now holds a county wide population of around 269,637 people. Some unique characteristics of San Luis Obispo are that it fosters an underlining college student culture due to the surrounding college campuses. The city recently holds the name passed down from Oprah Winfrey deemed as "The Happiest place on Earth" - As you roam the downtown region of San luis Obispo you'll most likely experience incredible weather. You'll notice beautiful historic buildings, missions, strange alleys, great restaurants and shops which make downtown SLO unique and special. Our churches are working well with one another and meet regularly in prayer and community.  Around 12 existing churches serve the city of San Luis Obsipo with a strong presence and noticeable levels of ministry excellence. More Than A Song see's the harmonious condition of our church's circumstances as an opportunity to advance forward into incredible places of city worship and prayer. Among the wonders of this amazing city there is still so much to be delivered from. Areas of spiritual idleness, a rising homeless population, and new age practices can not go unnoticed. This and so much more deserve our continuous efforts of prayer as a city of believers.